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There are two important rules I would like to kindly ask you guys to follow, they are:

1. Access Account

Don't change the username and password

As you've noticed I've set a simple "demo" user account where both the username and password are "demo". However, the most important thing here is to make sure you don't change that username or password to something else, so that more and more people could play with it.

2. Site Base Path

Keep the blogs organized

I've learned from the project that unless we keep the root folder tidy we will end up in a situation where there are a few hundred folders on the root, each used for a movable type test blog.

This time I would like to have the site files nicely organized.

You could give a hand here by making sure that your blog path is based on:



A blog called say "Demo Blog" would be based on this path:

And the result would be available at an URL like:


Unless you would keep your test blog set based on such a path I'm going to change it myself to make sure it respects this rule. This would probably happen once a week, so your cooperation is the key.

3. Scope

Don't use this for production purposes

The purpose of this initiative is to let people review melody, not for production purposes.

While I have nothing against of having you use this for production, I would just like to remind you that this is virtually available for anyone and so you risk to have your work affected in a way or another.

However, if you are looking for a private installation which you could safely use for production purposes, I would be glad to offer that option to you for a small fee. Just get in touch starting from the Contact page.

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