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One week ago the team behind Open Melody released v1.0.2, but I've just noticed this.

In summary, this release is announced as:

This is a critical maintenance update as it includes all security-related changes released in Movable Type 4.361 (#944) and v4.37 (#973)

Added new configuration directives, DeniedAssetFileExtensions and AssetFileExtensions, which allow administrators precise control over the types of files users can upload (#946)

The release notes are available for you to review at:

In order to login and evaluate the product, you have to go to:

After a long journey, the folks behind the open melody initiative which was meant to continue the movable type v4.x open source project have launched their project first version.

There have been a series of releases so far, but this one is meant to be the final version of the 1.x series. I wish open melody to have at least 5 generations for this publishing platform, just like movable type.

If you are looking for themes, you should know that there are a few available at:

Open melody is available for absolutely free evaluation from this page:
It's always a pleasure to announce a new release ready for online evaluation.

About 30 minutes ago RC2 has been made available for download.


It's a pleasure for me to announce that Melody v1.0-beta 1 has been launched a few hours ago and it is now available for evaluation here!

This version is known also as v0.9.27 and what is very nice of it is the fact that it opens the road for v1.0.

I must confess that I tend to like the new admin interface which changes significantly.

Playing a little bit with the DePoClean theme I've enjoyed the theme settings and some other features that have been integrated in this product.

Take a look at it and let me know what you think!

This time, to login to melody, check out:

I've been extremely busy and so didn't have the time to announce this, but open melody v0.9.23 is running on this demo website for quite some time now.

Are you interested to have a look at it?

Go ahead and evaluate it staring from:
There is a fresh release launched a few hours ago.

Go ahead and play with it!

Details on how to login are listed on:

I'm delighted to announce the launch of this "Open Melody Demo" Website initiative.

This idea was inspired by the community which enjoyed the "Movable Type Demo" project and wanted to be able to evaluate in a similar way the melody publishing platform.

As always this project is absolutely free, though donations are welcome, as well as any work you may like to engage us on.

Start evaluating melody right away by going to:

- username: demo
- password: demo

Grateful if you would spread the word about this initiative by pressing the "like" facebook icon from the sidebar and/or any other method.


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Did you now that movable type is an excellent publishing platform and that open melody started its development from movable type v4.x series?

I would strongly encourage you to have a look also at movable type which is available in both commercial and open source versions.

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