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mihai-bocsaru.jpgMy name is Mihai Bocsaru and I work as Web Developer since 1997 and Movable Type Consultant since 2002, but most importantly I'm the soul behind the "movable type demo" Web site initiative and now also behind the "open melody demo" Web site initiative.

The "movable type demo" absolutely free online service was very appreciated by the community since 2007 when I've launched it.

A few days ago somebody gave me the idea of launching a similar online service also for the "open melody" project which is a sort of continuation of the movable type v4.x series.

Now I'm happy to launch this service and to let anybody explore the "open melody" publishing platform here on

This project runs on my own expense! You could contribute to this service by making donations via paypal to billing[at]bocsaru[dot]com or by employing me to do any kind of movable type or open melody work, from consultancy, development to relocation or hosting.

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Movable Type

Did you now that movable type is an excellent publishing platform and that open melody started its development from movable type v4.x series?

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